i love creating 2d artwork.

And I've got a bunch of it for you to look at. Check out the sub-categories for more!

Fuzzy Fortune: Splash screen and logo. ©DoubleDown Interactive Fuzzy Fortune: Main game screen. ©DoubleDown Interactive Self Portrait Red Panda Fairy Sushi Yum-Yum: Main game screen. ©DoubleDown Interactive Bingo: Art Deco theme illustration. ©DoubleDown Interactive Anime News Nina! Book Cover: Cover design for the Kickstarter-funded published collection of my webcomic series. 2014 Dino Girl Doggy: Photo study. Slot Cabinet Designs: For the games Nouveau Riche and Golden Goddess. 3D models by Jeremy Jones and Ben Bobzien. ©DoubleDown Interactive Game Lobby Themes: Winter holiday and "Rich Girl" lobby skins. Original lobby base by Ben Bobzien. ©DoubleDown Interactive Elf Study: Study based on colors and composition from a John Singer Sargent painting. Psycho Santa: Commissioned work. Hybrid Monster: Based a bad Photoshop collage I found on the internet. Little Shop World Traveler: Tokyo stage for a hidden object game. 3D modeling by Craig Hardin. ©Gamehouse, Inc. Wizard Tower: Art test showing different rendering styles. flash jquery lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v6.0m