about the artist

Robin Sevakis

Born and raised in suburban Metro Detroit, Robin knew art was her calling when she found out in the first grade that the ability to scrawl a decent Ninja Turtle with a pencil between your toes was not a regular thing. Robin earned her BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and later moved to Seattle, where she has worked at various game studios and as a successful comic artist.

Robin is interested in all fields of illustration (comics, print, etc), but holds a particular passion for games. She brings highly creative ideas to the table with a fresh, spontaneous perspective, a (sometimes twisted) sense of humor, and a hard-working attitude. In her spare time, Robin enjoys eating lots of food, uploading too many pictures of her pet bird, and collecting more board games and video games than she could possibly ever have time for.

For general inquiries, feel free to message me by email.