The dump! This is all terrible, silly garbage and you have been warned!

What the heck is "The Dump?"

As much as I strive to improve my skills as an artist, there are certain times when my brain is not thinking about composition, color theory, or character anatomy. There are times when, quite simply, a pen in my hand is just a conduit for my bizarre mind to vomit all over a piece of paper- sometimes with strangely entertaining results. And, as much as my art has grown over the years, I still have people tell me "my favorite thing of yours is that high school doodle of a man feeding babies to whales." So here it is, in all its unpolished, no-frills glory- the ancient collection of crappy doodles, grotesque comics, and brain-barf. Some of it is disturbing, though must of it is incredibly crude and juvenile- you have been warned!

If you want the latest brain-dump pieces, check out my tumblr blog.